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Rugby Creek Animal Rescue - Mouth of Wilson, Virginia - Horse Rescue, Horse Education and Adoption

Rugby Creek Animal Rescue, Inc (RCAR) is registered as a Virginia non-profit corporation and is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization so donations can be tax-deductible and all donations support our rescue program.  RCAR is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, retirement and adoption of at-risk, injured and geriatric animals.

We are reaching out to you to open your heart and help support our rescue so that we can in turn help animals in need.  We believe that as your browse through our website you will feel conected in some way to the animals here at RCAR and that you will feel a calling to assist us in our efforts to save them!  All donations, large or small, are considered generous and greatly appreciated, remember donations are tax-deductible!



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Dobby's Dog Kennel Project

We need 250 people to donate $10!  

That is all it will take...will you be one of our 250 Angels?!

Your donation will help complete Phase One of our Quarantine Kennels

This will help enable us to save hundreds of dogs & puppies!

For more info on this project please CLICK HERE



Rugby Creek Animal Rescue Inc



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