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Tired of the selling game?

Donateyour horsefor a good cause!

Win, Win, Win for Everyone!


  • You receive a tax-write off (value of your horse)
  • Your horse is placed when a suitable matching home is found
  • The funds from placing your horse go directly to supporting our non-profit animal rescue and helping horses in need!


Need a way to ship your horse when donated?
We offer that too - nationwide!  Click Here 4 Transport

Interested in Donating - Initial Information

  • Send us pictures and/or videos of your horse
  • All specs (age, height, breed, health, vices, level of training, riding or show/breed history)

Requirements to Donate

  • We ask that you donate 6 months of board costs up front
    (this gives us ample time to get to know your horse and start finding a suitable match) You will receive a tax write off for your donation
  • We ask that you either arrange for shipping or use us personally for transporting your horse (either way the cost of shipment is yours, you may donate this amount and receive a tax write off and we can arrange/pay for the shipment if you would prefer)

Types of Horses Accepted at this time

  • We will consider any/all horses brought to our attention
    (however we do require they be sound - limited/small amount of rehab with vet information considered)
  • We do not limit intake on breed, discipline or age
    (reiners, pleasure horses, dressage, eventing, hunter/jumpers or even carriage/driving horses are considered for this program!)






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