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So this little one is probably carrying a little one.......time will tell.

She is one of the Grayson Highland Wild Ponies.  Each fall they auction off the foals and this year decided to auction some of the mature mares.  Sabrina was auctioned after her foal was sold.  She was parasitic, underweight, scared.   A group of concerned people who love this Grayson Ponies raised the money to purchase her at auction and send her to us for rehab and adoption!  

Sabrina is VERY smart!  She nickers every time she sees a person, LOVES her grain and is enjoying her life here.  She practically leads right off the start but is a bit tricky to catch at times (been wild all her life)!  Shows real potential and would be a FANCY driving pony.  She will take a home that either just wants to let her "hang out" or will take a special patient person to train her. 

We assume she is bred and will probably foal next spring/summer (as most ponies on the mountain rebreed after foaling each year). Considering this fact we will be keeping her here (seeking donors/sponsors for Sabrina) or seeking a foster home willing to keep her through foaling and until the baby is old enough to be weaned (baby will be avail for adoption).  If you are interested in adopting Sabrina before foaling (you would have to sign a contract not to breed her or the foal if a filly and if a colt must be gelded at earliest possibility) - or interested in adopting Sabrina after foaling/weaning - please submit an application today for either interest (foster/adopt).



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