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LB-Little Britches


"LB" - Little Britches

This little guy is a mainstay here at RCAR.  He brightens our spirits every time we watch him saunter across his little grass paddock or rest peacefully (spine uphill) on his grassy knoll...  LB is a DWARF Miniature Horse - this is the result of bad breeding and leaves him with many physical obstacles to overcome!  He is very hunchbacked, his joints are extra large and legs are formed in weird lines, his neck is super short and set nearly directly on his shoulders (thus why he has to make sure and lay with his spine uphill or he can't get back up without our assistance), his jaw/mouth/teeth are shaped differently than most.... but he's the energizer bunny in mini horse form and keeps going, and going!  We love LB dearly.  He gets a special "spa day" when the hoof trimmer is here and gets to lay flat on a blanket while we give him a pedicure.  LB is about 15 years old this year and we are looking forward to another great year with this adorable little fella!

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