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Mister Shoshoni

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Mister Shoshoni

This handsome man knows he rules the roost around here!  Shoni turned 36 years young this year!

He is the poster-child for senior horses all over!  This beautiful strawberry roan/blanket appaloosa gelding is still going strong!  He has been battling a neurological condition since last summer but seems to be taking positive steps toward recovery!  He is on several supplements daily and we monitor him closely.  He enjoys being the center of attention and has a thing or two to teach from all his experience on this earth! Though his teeth just about are non-existent, he stays in good shape on our mountain pastures supplemented with his large amount of complete senior feed!  He gets 15 lbs a day!  Shoni was foaled in MIssissippi on Mar 13th of 1979.  His sire & dam were full siblings (oops - may explain his loose screw or two....haha) He has been here with us at RCAR for many years.  

We NEED SPONSORS for Shoshoni!
To continue giving him the health care he needs to stay in good shape and enjoy the retirement he deserves it takes a lot!
We are relying on your sponsorships to help provide for this special guy!  

Just his grain alone costs $6/day or $180/month

And his supplements cost an additional $9.75/day or $292.50/month

To care for Shoshoni costs $472.50/month!
At this rate we need about 20 people to commit to a $25/month donations for his care!
Will you be one of the 20 angels to keep this handsome gentleman well cared for in his retirement?!


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